If you are interested in possible collaboration on any of our topics (or more generally the main research themes), or you simply have a question, then do get in touch!

Prospective students and postdocs

The lab is research-oriented and while there are various valid reasons for doing a PhD or continuing science training, our interest is in research.

It might sound kind of obvious but I am really interested in smart people who are prepared to work hard and are motivated to get things done. I want to be led by people and to have to work hard myself to keep up with them. Postdocs and grad students should be hungry for data and to turn results into papers. I want people who aspire to publish in the best journals and to have an impact.

I am from the UK where a PhD is all about the research and is done and dusted in 4 years. That’s the model I would like to adopt in my lab in the US and it’s a non trivial demand.

I also require that people are easy to get on with and are fun and whilst not a pre-requisite, it’s good to be able to ‘chew the fat’ over a beer.

Whether we have vacancies for grad students or postdocs depends a lot on funding and that’s not predictable but if you think you fit the bill then get in touch.